Top Chef Master Rick Bayless Wins!

Top Chef Master Winner

Top Chef Master Winner

I picked Rick Bayless from  the get-go! Why him? Why not pick the humble, precise chef , who is a master with spices and flavors he spent a lifetime learning about and perfecting? To top that off, the other chefs commented profusely on his cooking as if he is the chef of chefs, which of course he can now claim to be.

Check out this video to see Rick as he wins.

And now we move on, or I move on…as I do not know what you are up to. What I mean by moving on is moving on to the new season of Top Chef. The food TV people know how to keep it rolling without a moment’s lapse in programming. I never go hungry for a Food Network or Bravo food TV show. Life is good and so is food!


One response to “Top Chef Master Rick Bayless Wins!

  1. thevegetarianlibrarian

    Yes! Rick Bayless is the best!

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