What’s a Round Food Party?

moms_dish_blueberriesRound Food Parties

There are 3 types of Round food parties, all of which are fun and timely with the holidays on the way.


A party where you serve Round food with you as the host/hostess.

For this party, take time plating beautiful Round appetizers, and as you serve them enjoy sharing information about their Roundness. Leave all worries behind and see where the fun goes.

Best for: A Round Hosting Party is for anybody who knows about the Round Diet and wants to show others or just feature it for it’s beauty at their next good reason to have a party.


A party where you hire Diana who brings all the food while you invite all the people.

The party is held in your kitchen, where everyone will learn hands-on how to prepare, cook, and plate and store Round meals. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers about food, everyone will leave knowing how to eat a whole lot Rounder, so they can become less Round.

Best for: A Round Coaching Party is best for anybody who want to learn hands-on in a kitchen how to make Round food so they can fit into smaller jeans and rejoice. This means hiring Diana or another Round food trainer to teach this party workshop.


A Party where you get to serve Round food and beverages, featuring  Round cocktail tastings with Round Appetizers.

This party can be held anywhere you want, like your backyard, living room, or even a restaurant where everyone will be challenged to choose the Roundest items off the menu. There will be plenty of time for chatting about Round food, and everyone will go home knowing how to order and eat Rounder in a restaurant. For this party you can be the “knower of all things eating Round when dining out” or you can hire Diana to handle the Round part.

To hire Diana for a Round party or to ask a Round question:

Shoot Diana an email at: rounddiet@yahoo.com


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