Double the Top Chefs

Top Chef Masters…continues with my pick…Rick Bayless

Chef Rick Bayless

Chef Rick Bayless

Top Chef Masters found 24 top chefs, had them compete for 6 weeks, and those 6 winners are now competing against each other for a large sum of money for their favorite charity. Only 3 chefs remain. My guy is still there, Rick Bayless, known for his authentic Mexican cuisine. One of his competitors called his Mexican food the best in the country.

then Top Chef premieres in Vegas

Tonight, the new season of Top Chef airs. There’s nothing like a new crop of chefs, and I shall be watching it in its natural unTivo’d state. It also means I’ll be eating dinner later than usual, so I can eat it during the food tasting and judging portion of the show. If they get food, so do I.

Read about Rick Bayless.
Read food judge Gale Green’s Blog.
Check out the Top Chef Masters website.


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