Be as beautiful as what you eat!

As a Round Eater, the saying “You are what you eat” will feel truer than ever. You will realize that you have the option to live proudly in a body that is as fresh, beautiful and nutrient-packed as a blueberry or a peach, or you can feel lethargic, uncomfortable, and trapped in a puffy body that is as old, greasy and as over-processed as a cold french fry or a deep-fried Twinkie, also known as a “Frinkie.”

By eating fresh, real, unprocessed foods, you will be eating beautifully green. Eating Round means helping protect the environment from pollutants and conserving energy by striving to eat organic, choosing foods free from unnecessary packaging, eating seasonal foods, buying locally grown produce that doesn’t require preservatives and waxing to keep it looking fresh. Consider eating less meat to help reduce greenhouse gases, increase world food supplies, save water, and experience compassion.


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